CCS has designed, engineered and deployed telecommunication networks in the private sector and on over 200 United States military bases from New York to Hawaii. CCS specializes in wireless, WiFi, Point-to-Point and wired Internet, audio networks, cable TV and closed circuit television. CCS has experienced certified technicians across the entire United States supporting those networks.

Some pictures below are from projects completed by CCS doing business as American Warrior Networks (AWN).

Fort Polk, LA

AWN engineered and designed a complete DOCSIS 3 state of the art satellite CATV and high speed Internet solution for 2,200 barracks rooms, an 800 room lodge facility and 4,000 housing units. Design included all cabling, head end deployment, program negotiation and marketing. CCS provides cable TV, fast reliable WiFi and VoIP phone service to military soldiers and their families at this location. CCS has maintained and supported this service since 2003.

Hammock Bay, Freeport, FL

CCS partnered with CenturyLink and engineered and designed a satellite CATV system over Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network for a Florida residential sub division totaling 6,000 homes. CCS has on-site technicians that set up new service and provide customer care to this 3,000-acre master-planned residential community.

Fort Stewart, GA

A complete hybrid fiber/coax satellite CATV system was deployed at Fort Stewart for a 3,800 unit housing area, 3,100 barracks rooms and the Stewart Lodge in 2006. AWN currently has an on-site technician that monitors service and provides customer care to subscribers.  From headend design to showing customers how to use their remote, we respond to your customer’s needs!

Chicago, IL

CCS filled the need of a satellite CATV service for a 350 unit apartment, 42 floor building in Chicago IL.  We are standing by to help you with your communication or technology needs!

Camp Clay, GA

A full wireless Internet system deployed by CCS services 183 rooms, to include VIP suites and 2 room suites, at Camp Clay.  CCS created an Internet solution for training school cycles that deploys access points to cover all of our service members’ needs.

NEXCOM Project

CCS engineered and deployed facility network to bring audio services and high speed Internet to 105 military installations across the United States. CCS used the latest cabling technologies to minimize impact on existing utilities and the aesthetics on the military locations. Doing business as AWN, on-site offices were opened and fully staffed to provide technical support and customer care.

AAFES Ethernet Project

A time sensitive project of engineering networks using CAT5e and fiber-optic technologies to service 128 Army Exchange stores and Exchange kiosks vendors across the United States was completed successfully in a 3 month period.  The Ethernet high speed service allows for remote trouble shooting and maintenance.

Camp Williams, UT

CCS deployed Pay as you Go high speed Internet service to the 9 barracks buildings, 425 rooms, for Guardsman at Camp Williams in Bluffdale UT. We set up hotspots for their end users to use in public areas such as a lobby or a conference room!  Command wanted to provide free WiFi in the lodge as well; CCS deployed access points to make it happen, even in the pool area!

River Dunes, NC

This North Carolina community enjoys DISH Network service provided by CCS. We specialize in keeping every member of your home owners association happy!

Georgia Garrison Training Center, Fort Stewart, GA

CCS designed and deployed a state of the art DOCSIS 3 system for the National Guardsmen and women garrisoned in the barracks. The system provided the audio visual capabilities (to include Internet) in the National Guard classrooms and created a cohesive network that touched all barracks, administrative buildings, classrooms and public facilities. We can provide a flexible network that will meet the ever changing needs of each location. 

Camp Gruber, OK

CCS provides a Pay as you Go high speed Internet service to 17 barracks buildings for Guardsman at Camp Gruber near Braggs OK. CCS Pay as you Go Internet service is designed to allow CCS to resolve most customer service cases real-time remotely.

Proudly Serving Our Military and Their Families

CCS does business as American Warrior Networks (AWN) at military installations. AWN is a wholly owned subsidiary of Communication Construction Services, Inc. and operates or supports communications services on Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force facilities under agreements with various organizations to include permanent party barracks, transient, lodging and MWR. CCS maintains services and provides break fix support of 30,000 Wireless Access Points and over 75,000 Internet customers.

National Guard Campground

The AWN high speed service created a seamless WiFi experience for the customers in the National Guard military campground.  Contact us to discuss our special offer for the National Guard installations!

Nationwide Navy Base Barracks Upgrade

CCS partnered with Viasat to complete a massive technical upgrade at Naval base barracks buildings across the United States. All wireless access points were replaced and dual band wireless APs were added to increase speed and coverage to all service members residing in the barracks. CCS provides break fix support to all locations. Reach out to us today to improve your service!